Searching out the best accountancy practice talent

When your client is growing quickly, it creates challenges that many businesses struggle to overcome. With constant internal changes to branches and departments, this can have a negative effect on staff morale, meaning retaining them gets harder to do.  Now for the right people, these challenges are seen as career opportunities and KPHR knows how to find these talented and emotionally intelligent individuals.

Having worked closely with a renowned national financial services organisation for 4 years, KPHR was approached to source senior managers to join a flagship branch to change the culture,  improve performance, motive and lead by example.

KPHR strategic approach to passive candidate recruitment

Given the brief and an limited talent pool at this level, KPHR knew that traditional job advertising would not work.  Instead, we employed a passive candidate recruitment strategy to engage with candidates who were not actively looking for a new position.  This approach does take longer but it yields far better results for senior level vacancies within specialist industries.  Using social media, networking and a highly targeted search campaign, KPHR engaged successfully with 4 exceptional candidates and gained their interest in working for the organisation by providing honest, ethical and trustworthy advice and information about the company and their objectives, their culture, the people and long term career opportunities.

The results

All candidates were highly engaged with the job opportunity and all were selected for interviews.  From starting the recruitment campaign, 6 weeks later an offer was made and the successful candidate accepted her new job.

The average time to recruit passive candidates is 12 – 24 weeks.  KPHR dramatically reduced the time to hire and increased the quality of the candidates available to the organisation.

6 months on, the department was running smoothly and efficiently and staff retention within the department had improved by 45%.